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David Turetsky

HR Data Doodles: Season 1 - Welcome to the World of HR Data Doodles

HR Data Doodles: Season 1 - Welcome to the World of HR Data Doodles

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Played Much Gaming Company is going through a transformation. They have outgrown their homegrown Human Resource technology. Along their path towards a new system, they have to find their way. They hired consultants, went to conferences, and found that they were focusing on the wrong business problem. Along the way, the HR team learns how they can deliver value and make insights available to the leaders that need their help.

From the minds behind the HR Data Labs podcast, comes... Welcome to the World of HR Data Doodles.  It's a fun look at how an organization grows and changes through the lense of the Human Resources function.  Follow Cecilia, Adela, and Teddy through their adventures.

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ISBN: 9798218207144

Library of Congress Control Number: 2023911105

Illustrated by Sylvet M.

Inspired by Karissa H.

Printed by IngramSpark First printing, 2023.

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